BrightSign / Flixio Studios PRO

Set Coordinator - Sean R Saul

Director of Photography Chad Boutin - MakeUp & Hair Styled by Ali Megan
Models: Amber Rider, Alicia Barnett, Alex Kihn-Stang This is a cut down version of the video that Flixio created for BrightSign to showcase the 4k playback capabilities of their new 4K digital siganage player. Flixio produced this video from start to finish working with Oregon based talent and using our RED camera package and full lighting and grip kit at the West Linn paper planet.


2010 - Barbara Nogueira fashion model Chad Boutin Photography shooting in Brazil...all credit to Ali Megan for her amazing camera work... of course thanks to Barbara... the prettiest model in Brazil. A little behind the scenes action as Barbara Nogueira, Chad Boutin and Ali Megan shoot fashion images in Sao Paulo. Much thanks to Beto Hacker and John Guistina... MakeUp Hair Style and Video by Ali Megan

Phagans' School of Hair Design

MODEL BEHAVIOR 2009 • Phagans' School of Hair Design 

Take a behind the scenes look at what it takes to produce session work in the hair industry.
Continuing from the intro we released in the winter this video is the final version of this project.
Culminating into a real live photo shoot this short documentary filmed in Portland, Oregon is completely packed with all the action from beginning to end. The models on this shoot were treated to a full hair cut and hair coloring, as well as full hair and makeup styling on the second day right before their photo shoot with professional photographers Chad Boutin and Burk Jackson. / Hair Styling: Phagans' School of Hair Design / Makeup Stylist: Ali Megan / Photographer: Chad Boutin  /  Video Production: Darris Hurst and Cody Wheeler / Produced By: Bulb Studio • In Association With 245 Media •


2009 - Chad Boutin photography shoots Lacoste behind the scenes models Shot by Chad Boutin and Bulb Studio in Portland, Oregon using the new Canon 5D Mark II for both photography and HD video! 


2009 -SLASH N BURN • GOTH, PUNK ROCK, & ROCKABILLY CLOTHING PHOTOSHOOT Produced By: Darris Hurst - 245 Media Filmed and Edited By: Cody Wheeler - 3Seasons Ent. Photography By Chad Boutin MakeUp & Hair by Ali Megan

245 media

2009 - Human in Nature Chad Boutin photographie shoots on location with Amber. Watch Chad Boutin and the whole crew from 245 media prepare to shoot one of the last of the summer sunsets.. Chad and his group hike the hill with all their gear to produce. MakeUp & Hair by Ali Megan

Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Apocalypse Photo shoot was done just after 12/21/2012 the day the world was supposed to end.In the spirtit of total annihilation Jake Rafus,Dominic Arizona Bonuccelli along with their creative teams created the great event. 

Creative Director: Jake Rafus / Jake's Assistant: Marco Morales, Alleegra Dunbar / Photographer: Dominic Arizona Bonuccelli / Dominic's Co-Hand: Danni Valdez/ Detrick Branston / Videographer: Jam Mitchell - Elijah LeComte /  2nd Videographer: Brad Phipps / MUA, Hair: Lindsey Basham, Rachel Koszegi , Beth King, Ashley Morton, Ali Megan, Jaclyn Hawtin, Starla Cocio, Sabel Diskin, Tricia Jean, Hillary Solterbeck

Model List: John , Kenneth M Sale, Savanah Nicole, Jake Rafus, Brooklyn Guillen , Seneca Curry , Cory Kuehn, Sydney Rounsaville, Sydney Pisciotta, Laurel Hervert, Ali Megan, Kristine Impellizzeri, Chanel Stansberry, Jonathan Russell, Cassie Brooks, James Gypsy Nagy, Dylan Rowe, Jordan Aanerson, Adrian, Jessica Foulk, Andres Galindo, Allegra Dunbar, Jerry Wagner, Jennifer Labrecque, Thyrsus Gortary, Erin Durband, Camille Jackson, Therese Phipps, Jessica Adams, Katiee Walker, Bettina Balderas, Brandey Ann, Brittany Pattakos, Roman Acevedo, Jonathan Lively, Casey Conry, Tyler Schneider, Roger Thammavong, Mandy Lynn, Philip Rodin and Claire Rodin
Location: Scrap Metals Recycling (Day 1) / Location: Whistlestop Depot (Day 2) / Location: Par Exsalonce Cityscape Salon & Spa (Day 3) / Music by: Title: Bent and Broken / Artist: Kevin MacLeod / Album/source: Royalty Free

Harlem Shake Zombie APersonalReality